Mihachi Chenille Dog Mat Absorbent Rug for Small to Medium Puppies 22″X14″

Got a new puppy, and I already had 3 cats. The pup claimed everything the cats used to feel was their own. Inluding their bed. I got him his own, but he still preferred the cats, and they wanted nothing to do with his. So, a spark of an idea hit me. I purchased this, and started bringing it to bed with us (yes, he also claimed MY bed). I’d lay the rug beside me, and he would lay on it. After a few days, he was firmly attached. Then during the day, I would put this inside of the bed that was supposed to be his, and it works. He is using his bed, the cats have theirs back, and he drags this around with him everywhere. thicker. The mat, I guess you would call it, is definitely like a rug, but the nap, the soft raised part
It’s actually more like a rug, but a bit of it, is about 2 inches long. They’re very soft and gentle. In appearance, it kind of reminds me of a mop head, the old style. Little woven feelers. This is great, because I toss it in the wash, and so far I’ve had no issues with it degrading or falling apart. Herbie loves it, it’s soft and seems to be great quality, so everyone is happy.

7 out of 10 thumbs up, it’s a little thin but still soft and he’s happy.

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