Kakalu® Set of 4 Lingerie Bags for Laundry

I’ve started using laundry bags in nearly all of my loads. I found that even when I do a load of towels. it’s beneficial because it keeps the towels from becoming lint covered from other towels. They stay looking new a lot longer. The awesome thing about this set is the size of the bags. There is one that is so large that I was able to fit a quilt in it, pictures included. It is one of those that has Sherpa on one side, so soft and fluffy. This keeps it that way. I keep it in the laundry bag even when I dry it. Keeps the lint from the quilt in the bag and not on other items, and keeps lint out, so double benefit. After the item is dry, I just turn the bag inside out and shake the lint out. The zippers are excellent quality nylon, so no snagging. It has a protector that the zipper slides under to ensure that it stays zipped and protect anything from getting caught on the zipper. It also includes a heavier quality bag that I use for my underthings, it has a thicker protection to it, so my delicates look new forever. I wouldn’t be without these.

10 out of 10 thumbs up

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