JoyDaog Jean Belly Bands for Small Dogs

Oh this pup is going to be the death of me. There are days I can’t love him enough, and days I wonder what I was actually thinking taking on such a big responsibility. I’ve read every book, I’ve talked to my vet, an expert dog handler, a friend who fosters and shows dogs professionally. I’ve googled til my fingers hurt. I know some of the failure is because I work 10 hour days, and that’s a lot to ask out of a puppy. But, he loves to sleep with me, and I had a 15 minute routine just getting the bed ready to protect from any accidents. And he would still burrow under the waterproof tarps (3 of them) and have an accident on my beautiful comforter or electric blanket. I didn’t know puppy diapers existed, so felt like I’d reached Nirvana when I found these. There were some low marks on these, namely the ‘cheap velcro’, or ‘lack of absorbency’. Personally, I’m very impressed with these. The velcro piece on it is seriously about 4 inches square and very strong. He cannot get out of these. It’s large enough that right now it fits his little 5 pound frame, and it’s going to grow with him, even if he were to triple his weight, they can expand that much. Sewn into the center is a nice amount of padding. But, so that I don’t have to wash these all of the time, I just put a sanitary napkin in there. It stays attached well, and I just take it out when there is an accident. I think they look adorable on him, and I think they are excellent quality.

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

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