Hisonders 2 Pack USB rechargeable night sensor light

I wouldn’t be without these. At this great price, I’ve placed these anywhere the light is even a bit dim. I have 2 of them lining my hallway, one sitting right inside the bathroom door, one as I walk into my garage, and one in every cabinet and closet. As I walk down the hall, a little path of light proceeds me. Every cabinet and closet lights up as soon as I open a door. I don’t have to remember to grab a flashlight, and I don’t have to try holding a light while searching for something. I charge all of my lights every weekend, just because it’s on a regular schedule then, but I’ve never had one need charging before that time, so they last at least a week, and that’s with constant use, as my cats wander the house.
So easy to use, I peel off the backing and attach them under the cabinet, and the magnetic back holds the light securely until I take it off for charging. One lamp per cabinet provides adequate light. I love that I can set it to motion sensor (auto) or if I need constant light, I can turn it to on and it stays on to use like a flashlight.
I will always answer that this is the best purchase I’ve ever made on Amazon. I guarantee that one use and you will never want to be without these again.

10 out of 10 thumbs up

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