FOLAI Cordless Cleaning Brush

I have ceramic tile floors, with white grout. Or what used to be. After spending an hour to get a small 3 foot square area done I went looking for another option. I love that this comes with so many different brush options, too! It doesn’t have a lot in the way of instructions, so you just have to figure out which brush works for which job. The heads are very easy to switch out, just twist off or on. It has a pulse option, if you pull down on the power switch. Or for always on, you push up. It comes with the 4 AA batteries it requires. This has *a lot* of power behind it. The orange and blue small head worked fantastic on my grout. The orange head is soft. Very easy to hold, it’s somewhat ergonomic, but the handle is covered with rubber with raised areas so it doesn’t slip, even if your hands are wet. This is amazing!!

10 out of 10 thumbs up

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