ENJOY PET Rechargeable Cordless Cat and Dog Clippers

Just got my first pup, a little Shih Tzu and he is one major fluff ball. And it’s the rainy season here. I had a mess every time we went outside, and the only groomer in town is booked out 3 months. So I had to dive in quickly and figure it out. After a lot of research, this set seemed to meet all of the criteria I was looking for, and I have not been disappointed. Of course, he was scared at first, but this has such a low hum with virtually no vibration, he ended up just laying in my lap while I went to work on him. You can see in the video it’s a simple process to change out the heads, which was good since I had to do that many times, trying to figure out the right length.

He has a the mop of hair that covers his eyes, and I was able to comb it straight up, hold it like a beautician does, and with one snip from the scissors, it was gone. They’re excellent quality, very well balanced and you can feel the heft to them. They’ll hold up to being sharpened many times. This is a great set, I was really nervous about messing his first hair cut up, but these literally made it so simple, anyone could do it. Since they are quiet, the pet holds still. Since there is little vibration, it’s easy to give a smoother cut. There are 4 heads, plus you can adjust the blade levels, so you can make a very subtle shift in the lengths of hair and it lays nicer. It does say on the box that it comes with the lubricating oil, but mine did not. Otherwise, this was a perfect purchase.

8 out of 10, for missing the oil

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