Dingang Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy

This is so cool! I have a grandson that loves gadgets like this. But, I had a blast playing with it prior to giving it to him. In addition to being fun, it looks awesome setting on a desk or table. You can arrange the magnetic balls in pretty much any shape, and they stay that way. Check out my pictures. I was able to place them with long thin ropes coming out to the side, or angled up. I made it look like they were spilling over the base. You can squish and mold away and they follow your lead. Most of them are smaller, with a few larger ones thrown in. So, with a little time investment you can really be creative. The entire base is magnetic, so along with the balls sticking to it and each other, it can stick to something metal and will stay where you place it. Get original, put it on the side of a fridge or metal desk, arrange it so it looks like you’re completely defying gravity. Tons of fun!

10 out of 10, even Grandma approved!

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