Asani Tri-Fold Lighted Magnification Makeup Mirror w/ 21 LED Lights & Touch Screen Controls

Super nice mirror! My bathroom is small, and the mirror has terrible lighting, and is far enough away from me that I don’t have a decent view to put on make up. I’ve always used a stand alone mirror because of this. I tried a couple that were lighted, but whether it was poor lighting, or the location of the lights, they never gave me a great option. I also like a magnified mirror when I do my eyebrows, put on eyeliner, etc. So, I always had one of those little magnified mirrors that stick with suction cups, and it never stayed attached.

I was really happy to come across this mirror. Since it folds in on itself, it stores in the same spot my smaller mirror was in, but when I open it up, the wide angle view is 3 times what my last one was. The lights are intense! I can see everything so clear! Which allows make up application to be more realistic, as I can set the brightness level and see how my make up would look in sunlight, or under office lights. The lights completely surround the mirrors, I love how clear this makes everything.

On one fold out there are two magnified mirrors. I do wish there was one a little more extreme. There is a 2x and a 3x. There isn’t much difference between the two. A 3x and a 10x would have been much better. They help, but for finding the tiny eyebrow hairs when I’m shaping, it isn’t quite enough. This is easily adjustable, and the base snaps right on to the mirror. This one is great for travel, because the base will come off for storage, and since it is a tri-fold, the glass is protected. Very happy!

10 out of 10 thumbs up

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