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It was a little difficult to figure out the accurate sizing on this. I purchased the Baby 04 one in XXL. This was for my grandson, who happens to be 4th in the family. He’s just over a year old, but based on the sizes, I thought perhaps this would be the best choice. The shirt runs a bit slim in the width, but exceptionally long. It’s going to be just a bit big on him, but it’s going to reach to his feet, so be very careful when ordering. It is very very well made however, and the decal is applied perfectly.

As luck would have it, I’m down here visiting them currently. After we wash the shirt tomorrow, I’ll be adding (adorable) pics of him wearing it.

I give this 7 out of 10 thumbs up, on the plus side for quality, on the minus side for disproportionate sizing.

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