Orchid Rechargeable Book Light

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As I say in the video – I’ve been looking for the perfect book light for quite awhile. When I travel, I read late and I hate to disturb my bunk mate. In this case, my grandson, who I will be spending the next week with. This is perfect for many reasons:

  • Very lightweight, it does not add weight to the book and make it hard to hold
  • Two lights, focus on both pages and once, you don’t have to adjust the light from page to page
  • Highly flexible neck, adjusts easily to all sizes of books and the necks are strong, they don’t move once placed.
  • Strong clip and it’s well protected. It will not damage the book and it stays in place
  • Flat base, so you can use this as a book clip, or setting on a platform and it does not tip over, even when the lamps are adjusted wide
  • Bright lights, but no glare. Even on the dimmest light they provide excellent light to a broad range, lighting up the full page. There is no glare on white pages. Even on the cookbook I tried that has glossy pages, there was no glare.
  • Folds down extremely compact. I bent the necks in half, laid them against the base, and it takes up as much room as my electric toothbrush without adding weight. Great for travel

There just isn’t anything bad to say about this. If you have been considering a book light, I highly recommend you check this one out.

Easily 10 out of 10 thumb s up!

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