Extra Long Tree Hanging Swing Kit

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I took a close up of these, you need to see how well they are made. They are stronger and thicker than a typical hammock strap, which is what I need. For Mother’s Day I got my mother some much needed relaxation in the form of a swinging chair that will hang from a tree. It’s going to go around a very high branch, so not only do I need the strength in the strap, I need a hefty carabiner, at both ends. Another close up of those. The one I will use at the top of the tree latches, and then has a security feature, it has gripping teeth, and a nut that screws down to hold it in place. I don’t want to have to worry about someone climbing up, ever, to have to secure or check it.  I will loop this over the limb and then this will hang down and I will attach a second strap to the second carabiner. Again, the second one is strong and secure. It has a loop on it, and I will attach the swing to this loop. So, the swing will float free, and be able to swing in the breeze. Mom can lay back and forget the world. The chair is wide, it can support two people, so I want this strap to support the weight, and it can. This is my mom, I’m not going to trust her safety to anything I don’t feel secure about.


The edges are finished so well, there is going to be no worries of fibers coming loose, so it’s going to consistently look nice, also. The stitching is amazingly strong, this is going to last for as long as my mother is able to enjoy it.

This is 10 out of 10 thumbs up, thank you for making this possible for my mother!

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