OUGES Vintage Summer Dot Dress

I love this new trend of the older style dresses, termed Audrey Hepburn styles. They look so classy but so effortless. You just look fresh and clean, showing the woman, embracing the curves, without drawing attention to them, which makes them oh so much more apparent. The styles are carefree and fun. Minimal but speak volumes. There isn’t a lot of stretch to this dress, but there is enough to provide some forgiveness in size. I have very large upper arms, and don’t wear sleeveless a lot, but this provided plenty of room in the arms, so loose skin wasn’t forced into view. A long zipper makes it easy to get into and zip up past the very fitted waistline. Gorgeous dress!

10 out of 10

Unfortunately, I cannot find the link to purchase this, but if it becomes available again, I will add it here.

This is comparable, but mine does not include the bow. Click here

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