TAIR Bluetooth Headphones

These didn’t work the best for me, but I seriously don’t think it’s completely the fault of the headphones. These have some excellent points, that for most would work great.
– These are very lightweight, they do not put pressure in my ear
– The earbuds are comfortable.
– The cable is short and stays out of the way.
– There is an attachment, a little alligator type clip that the cable slips through and attaches to your shirt
– There is also another little tiny cable management that you can almost miss, that can be used to adjust the way the cable hangs and keep it snug against your neck or chin
– When placed in your ears correctly, they were noise cancelling for me and gave a very well rounded, truly balanced, music experience
– The controller is on a bar on the cable that sets up close to your chin, the controls are decent sized and easy to manipulate

But – I had some issues with some of these features.
– I have extremely small ear canals and have had issues with that my entire life. Due to that, even with the smallest ear pieces on, these fell out of my ear with the slightest nudge
– Because of that, any time I tried to make any volume adjustment, the ear piece fell out.
– To attempt to keep them in, I had to adjust them in an odd way, picture included, which degraded the music quality.

So, those issues were most likely related to my own ear size. If I held them in, the sound was great. The weight is great, the controls are handy.

6 out of 10 thumbs up.

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