HUALAN Ultra-Soft Pet Bed

This is extra large, extra soft. The pup loves it. He looks pretty funny on it, considering he’s 5 pounds 🙂 This fits just about perfect in the kennel I got him. Because he is so young, I have the kennel divided in half. The pad was easy to fold in half and slide right in, gave him lots of cushion and kept him from having accidents. But, if he does, it’s easy to toss in the wash. I lay it out flat until it’s almost dry, then fluff it in the dryer. It’s held up very well. The bottom has a non-slid bottom, so it stays even on my ceramic tile floors. The top is a soft, fur type fabric. It doesn’t shed, and the stitching is sturdy and secure. Very happy with this.

8 out of 10 thumbs up

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