Foreverrise Bluetooth Headphones

One of the most secure sets of sports headphones you will come across. The ear loop is not flexible and you can not adjust the length. It moves in a 360 degree rotation, put the ear piece in, then swing this around to clamp over your ear. Probably have to fold the top of your ear down a little bit. 🙂 But once on, it really does not move. No controls are on the ear piece, there is a bar on the cable where everything is controlled. On the cable, there is a slider that lets you tighten up how snug it fits against your chin, so it holds really secure.
I don’t know that these are completely noise cancelling, because when I had these on low volume, I could hear my tv. When I turned it up, probably louder than I would normally listen, but at the volume I would have it when really rocking out, it did cancel out the tv. The sound isn’t exceptional, but for a sports set, I feel it is high quality. Very clear and crisp, just lacking a little on bass. Overall, I’m giving these a high score, because they’re the best set of sports headphones I’ve used.

9 out of 10 thumbs up!

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