DOY Wireless Earphones Sports Waterproof Earbuds with Mic

As far as sound goes, these are 5+ stars, so if that’s what you’re looking for, the price is amazing for the sound you get.
The one complaint I have is the controls, a little backwards for me. All controls are on the left earpiece. Volume is controlled with the + and -, and there is a *wide* range, it can really get soft or loud. To change the volume you tap tap tap. To cycle through your playlist, you hold down the keys. What confused me is the + goes back through the list. The – skips to the next song. Not sure why it was set up that way, and obviously after using them a bit, you get used to it. On the side of the earpiece is the on off button. I also had an issue with that, because it is very sensitive. When I would adjust the volume, I kept accidentally hitting it and pausing the song.
Comfort is excellent. Very flexible over ear piece. When I had them situated comfortably, they were completely noise cancelling.
I waffled back and forth between 4 stars due to the controls. But I was so impressed with the sound quality I went with 5 stars, because after a few days of consistent use, the controls became a non-issue. The sound has such an excellent balance of bass and treble. I was listening to Bad Romance, and I could hear each tap of the xylophone, or maybe they were hanging pipes being tapped. Either way, that sold me, awesome immersion.

9 out of 10 thumbs up!

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