BHCLIGHT Battery Operated LED Wireless Motion Sensor Stick-on Anywhere

I will never be without a light like this again, and I’m so thankful they are so reasonably priced, I was also able to outfit my parents’ house. They live out on a farm, miles from anyone. They deal with heavy snowstorms and power outages in the winter. They are elderly. I lined underneath of their bed with these, and then made a little path throughout the house with them. The magnetic strip on the back is genius, the backing peels off and it sticks securely to anything. Make sure you have it where you want it, it is very difficult to move once applied. Then, the lamp has a magnet on the back that sticks to it, for easy removal when you need to change the batteries. The light is bright, bright enough it lights up their path clearly in the pitch black. And it stays off until it senses motion. Shuts off when 30 seconds or so go by with no motion. Someone asked me once what my best purchase ever was, and I answered THESE.

10 out of 10.

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