OUGES Womens V-Neck Knee Length Ruched Sheath Dress

I don’t typically wear white, I’ve always been a little conscious of the myth that it adds weight. But I was pretty impressed with what this did for me. The shape ware effect really smoothed out what needed smoothed, enhanced where I was lacking and minimized without being told where I needed it. It has a very feminine cut, and the ruched sides draw the fabric at an angle that really kisses the curves. Check out what it will do for the bum, it hugs and shapes it, while cinching in everything above and below it. The multi level hem helps elongate your legs. I purchased this in a medium, with measurements of 36D, 29, 36, and it fits absolutely perfect. The fabric is a medium weight, leaning towards a heavier side of that. Lots of firm stretch. I’m in love with the dress, and it’s a perfect option for a wedding reception, or church activity in early spring when you can wear white, but it’s not quite warm weather out.

10 out 10, this is just beautiful for the upcoming season!

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