GoodBulb 60 Watt Half Chrome Bulb

I love purchasing from GoodBulb just because they have an excellent business morale and give back to those in need. But, that aside, the bulbs are just good quality. This is my third purchase from them, my first purchase of this type of bulb. It’s an interesting, unique look. The top is painted with a chrome paint. The effect it gives is to force the light downward, and none comes out the top of the lamp. This is great if you’re wanting to give a certain effect. One way that came to mind is if you have decorative ceiling lamps that face downward. If you want the light reflected out of the top, these would work perfectly. But, if part of the bulb is visible, you’re still ok, because they will see this mirrored chrome finish. I have a table lamp that I wanted this for and it works excellent.

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

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