OUTAD Tarps Mat , Outdoor Lightweight Multipurpose Waterproof Camping Tarp

I’m going to have to review this two ways – one for the way it was meant to be, and one for the way I’m actually using it.
It’s meant to be a tarp, to protect an item. It’s not exceptionally large. If you put this over a vehicle, it’s not really going to cover it completely. It will cover the top, it would not come down the sides, nor be the full length. This would be an excellent size for a motorcycle, an ATV, a lawnmower. It’s lightweight, but it has a good weave to it, and feels like it would stand up well to some decent abuse. The rivets are strong, and there are enough of them that you could get a secure fit. It has great reinforcement along the rivets as you can see from the pictures. You aren’t going to have issues with it ripping.
The way I’m using it, is to provide protection in my pet zoo of a house. I have 3 cats that shed terrible. I had no idea a cat could shed that much. My shorthair is the worst, because his are tiny and there are thousands of them. Wherever he lays, he leaves behind a blanket of tan, gold and dark brown hair. So no color shade is safe. I had a painters tarp covering my bed. I want to keep my bedspread looking nice. But, when my window was open, the breeze would blow it right off of the bed. So, I came up with this, and I bungee it to the frame of the bed. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but it’s nowhere near as difficult as when I have to vacuum that bedspread every few days, and definitely pays for itself when I have to take the comforter in to be dry cleaned. This is probably a bit of an overkill, though, but it’s a nice way to keep the cover on the bed.


I’m giving this 9 out of 10 thumbs up.

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