USB LED Light Strip 5V 3.28Ft

I purchased a longer strip that I put on the wall, framing my tv. It looked great, until I tried to move the tv and needed to move the strip. And removed most of the paint from the wall. I loved the way it looked, but decided to do it different when I set it up again.

I have a 55 inch tv, this strip wasn’t quite as long as the tv, but it displays enough light, that you can’t tell it doesn’t run the full length. The table that the tv sets on is marble, and the way the light reflects off of it looks pretty awesome. I put it along the bottom of the tv and it stuck very well, was very easy to apply. I had it completely installed in less than 5 minutes.

This has a crazy amount of modes and colors. At the end of the strip is a small controller where you can set everything. When I shut it off, it remembers the setting I had it on last, including colors, speed and mode. You can get it really going fast or slow, multiple colors, one or just a few, flashing, fading, dozens of combinations. It connects via USB, or you can plug it into a power adapter. So, if you have USB on your tv or sound bar, it will work excellent with that.

Another great feature is, this is waterproof, so if you want to install it on a deck or patio, it will really look great. It has tiny little bulbs on it, and I was watching them close up, it’s cool how you can see the multiple bulb colors in there transitioning. Highly recommend!

10 out of 10 thumbs up

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