Nosiva Hammock Tree Straps Set with 2 Best Quality Carabiners

These are initially made for hammocks, but I found another use for them.  My mother lives out in the country and it’s her greatest enjoyment to go out in the morning and sit, enjoying the solitude and sounds of nature. So, I purchased her a hanging chair (you can click here to see it) and my sons are going to help me hang it with these straps for Mother’s Day. These are extra long and very strong. The chair is pretty wide, it would hold several grandbabies, also, and these straps are going to make sure they are safe and secure. Plus provide the length so we can hang this from a high branch, allowing more movement. We can also adjust the length easily, so we’re not limited to a specific height, but can choose the best branch instead. The carabiners that come with it are easy on easy off, and screw down for added security.  I don’t have pictures yet of the chair hanging, but will happily add these after Mother’s Day.

10 out of 10 thumbs up.

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