Happon 2 Pairs Spa Moisturizing Silicone Gel Heel Socks

If you have dry feet, I cannot recommend these enough. I have tried everything. All creams, tools, vitamins. They all work to some degree, but require quite the time or $$ investment. The price on these is amazing, and the only time you invest is putting them on at night when you go to bed. You will no longer need to spend time shaving or buffing your heels. I guarantee you will wake up in the morning with soft heels.

Now, if they’re in pretty bad shape, it obviously will be that much better if you buff them down the first time. But then, if you wear these to bed every night, you will never deal with the problem again. This is my fifth pair, I believe in them that strongly. The first couple of pairs I wore out on my own. By the third pair, I figured out to wear sock over them, so they wouldn’t get dirty and wear out. However, after a new pup, I stepped in something that went through the socks and hit these. So, I washed them. That wasn’t a problem, the problem was I dried them. The silicone that is inside still worked, but over time started coming loose. So, I purchased another pair. Decided I’d like to have a spare on hand so I purchased my 5th. Treated right, though, these will last a good couple of years at the least.

I’m purchasing a pair for all of my relatives for Christmas that have problems like I do. These are priceless. They don’t fit tight, they are easy to walk in. The silicone is attached well, it doesn’t move around and squish when you walk. They don’t cover your toes and just fit snug at the ankle and ball of your feet. Perfect for sandal weather.

These are worth 20 thumbs up!

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