Excelvan Mini Photography Studio Lighting Cube Kit

Since I do so many photos for the reviews, I wanted to have a nice area I could set up and leave, but I don’t have a lot of room. Most of the items will fit inside of this box. The reason I went with this one was the 1. The size 2. The ease of setup 3. The color options 4. It includes lighting.

So addressing each item:

  1. The size is perfect. It is one of the larger ones. Way more than I need for most items. Jewelry takes up a very small area. Even the bluetooth speakers I do have lots of extra space. There was one that was smaller, I think I probably could have gone with that, in relation to what I photograph, but this definitely gives me plenty of extra room for the larger items, and it makes it easier to adjust items without knocking it over.
  2. Set up was simple once I figured it out. The instructions have pictures along with text, but the text refers to picture 1, picture 2, etc, and the pictures are not labeled, they are not in order, and they are not very clear. The pictures make it look like there is a white base, but also a white top. There is not, there is a white top. The base is open and you depend on the included sheets to provide the base. However, if you set it on something, the sheets are somewhat transparent and many things will show through. I set this up on boxes, just for ease of use, and the writing on the box showed through. I set it on my pattern rug, and that shows through on the white sheet. I ended up putting the blue sheet under the white sheet to solve that.
  3. The color options are exceptional. There are 4 colors included. White, red, navy blue and black. Each sheet has velcro on one end that attaches easily to velcro in the cube. Each has a smooth side and a velvet/flocked side, and they provide a nice difference in the pictures. The length of them is great, but the width is a little short. I would need to use something to brace the outside of the cube if I was using the entire cube for viewing, it does show about a 1/2 inch gap. One thing I noticed is the flocked side really attracts dust and hairs. I prefer the flocked side, but will most likely not be using it, too hard to keep clean. Also, the sheets all came folded up and were creased terribly. I found that ironing under a towel on the side that wasn’t flocked worked to get the majority of the creases out. Some are still visible, but so far I’ve been able to work around that. I’m storing them by hanging them up on a coat hanger, attached with clothespins and covered with a garment bag. I don’t think washing them would be a good idea.
  4. The lighting works great. I tried it at different levels for different effects. I didn’t need to use the flash on my camera and got great pictures. However, after spending about an hour taking pictures, I noticed that the lights got extremely hot. They store in a small space when you retract the base legs, and the legs spread out wide to provide a secure stand, so they won’t tip over. Very easy to adjust, and they do have a handle on the top to use for adjusting so you don’t have to touch the hot frame.

All in all, it’s worked well for me. This is my first experience with a photography box, so I don’t have anything to compare it to. I may consider purchasing a smaller one, but for now this will work.

8 out of 10 thumbs up.

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