SEJORA Yoga Pants

I got these in a medium and for the most part they fit. The one place they ran pretty snug, which surprised me, was around my calf. I have very large thighs, I have muscular calves, but I’ve never considering them large. But in this case, the criss cross cut outs did cut into my legs a bit. These have a firm stretch to them, but, also surprisingly, they are a bit sheer. When I took a picture I was a bit taken aback to see just how sheer they were. A great set for jogging, yoga, any type of activity, and they really are pretty comfortable. I think I should have purchased a large, so if you’re on the line on sizing, I would go up a size.

I give these 10 out of 10 sugar cookies. The quality is great, and the style is unique.

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