Santamedical PM-510 Tens Unit

I work at a computer a large portion of my day, and within a few hours, the muscles in my shoulders, along my upper back, in between my shoulder blades, hurt so badly, I have to get up and move around and literally pinch them for minutes at a time to get them to just relax a little. I have a roller ball hand massager, but using that takes time and it never really gives full relief, I don’t have the time to dedicate to it. This unit was, simply put, amazing.
So examination just opening the box was really impressive. It comes with a very small main unit, it will easily fit in my pocket. It’s about the size of an MP3 player. It comes with 2 leads, and each lead has two connectors on it. It comes with 5 sets of gel pads, 2 to a set, so 10 total. It comes with the USB cable for charging, and a power adapter.
First, the unit itself. The pads have a really sticky gel pad on one side. The gel is very sticky, but it left no residue behind on my skin. I’ve used the same set for 2 days now, 4 times a day, and they still look new, and are functioning like new. These are going to last. The base unit is very easy to use. You have your choice of many different types of massages and they all feel fantastic. But, I wanted a strong, constant pressure, so I chose the first option. There is also a tap tap, a rub like from an elbow, just tons of options and each one is very very different. You set the amount of time you want the unit to run, in increments of 10 minutes. Once the actual massage has started, you can then adjust the intensity. Very very minimal to more intense than I was able to stand. On some I chose the 2nd setting, on a few, the third setting, but couldn’t go higher than that. And you don’t have to worry about batteries, this is USB rechargeable. I LOVE that.
As for the quality of the massage, I can’t even describe how fantastic it was. Within seconds, the pain was relieved, and the relief lasted. To be able to actually sit at my desk and continue to work while using this has just been invaluable. The pain is seriously debilitating, it terribly effects my work. This has not only solved my pain issues, it has greatly effected my work quality and efficiency. This is, second to none, the best TENS unit I have ever used.

This is easily worthy of 10 sugar cookies.

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