Powstro USB HUB

To start out with full disclosure, I do not have a multimeter to actually determine output on each port. My main interest in purchasing this was the option to have more USB ports available. First, on my tablet. I have 2 USB ports on it, and one is always in use with my wireless mouse. My tablet doesn’t have a dvd drive, so many times I have to plug in my USB dvd player. I ran into a pickle once because I needed to move some files from a USB flash drive to the dvd. Couldn’t do it with only one available USB port.
I also have a living room set that has USB ports built into the side of them. But, I need more than one at a minimum. I am charging my phone and my ipad. I use my iPad as a hotspot when I’m uploading video on my tablet (my Internet connection is extremely slow, much faster to use a hotspot, how bad is that?). When using a device as a hotspot, it uses up a lot of battery power, so I need to keep it charged during use.
It’s also great when I have grandkids spend the night, phones, tablets, kindles, everything can be charged in one setting.
This is built well. The USB cables fit in snug, there isn’t any play in it, so it gets a good solid connection. There is a felt type backing on the base of the unit, so it protects furniture from scratches, and keeps the unit in place. If I get a tester, I’ll post back what the actual output is.

I give this 10 out of 10 sugar cookies!

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