Mihachi Dog Toys for Puppy

My new pup *loves* these. Anything round that he can fetch, he loves. Anything he can chew on, he loves. And while he is still too small for the frisbee toy, he tries to carry it back to me and will be able to soon. He’s only 5 pounds right now, so it’s pretty large for him, but he tries.
Now I don’t know that this set would be good for like a Lab or a Great Dane, but for your small to medium sized dogs, this is a great set. Excellent quality, that’s the first thing I noticed. Herbie is like a baby right now, everything in his mouth, chewing on everything. These are holding up great to him and you can just tell by the feel, they’re going to last. Great set.

This is 9 out of 10 sugar cookies, they really are a great price for what you get.

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