Dingang Sexy Backless Clubwear Metallic Halter Dress

Woo doggies. There is not a whole lot to this little piece. It’s a polyurethane leather fabric, with a lot of stretch. It’s not thick, but it’s not extremely thin, so it does provide a little bit of of smoothing, but, for me at least, if I were to wear this out, I’d want some type of support underneath. It’s made nice, the stitching is well done, the sequins are attached perfectly. I love the metal links at the bustline. Multiple ties come off of it, and tie behind your back. There is a matching strap that laces up the back. The lacing is actually nice, it lines up well and is strong enough that it stays in place. This really conforms to your body and there is very little coverage at the bust. You want to be really comfortable with your body if you plan to wear this out. I purchased this in XXL, my measurements are 36D, 29, 36. According to the site, I should have been able to wear a medium. I maybe could have gone down to a large, but it would have been pretty snug. There is no way I could have gone down to a medium without the tightest corset, not eating for a month, and not breathing while I wear it. Also, one thing to really pay attention to, I stand just under 5 foot, and you can see how short this runs on me. And I’ll tell you what, *I* don’t dare bend over in this. Be careful you don’t drop something when wearing this. You’ll have to ask your friend to pick it up for you.

This is 6 out of 10 sugar cookies.

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