Cat Toys Variety Pack

I have older cats, but a new pup. He has stolen every one of the cat’s toys. I knew he would love these. I tried to get my cat, Simon, interested, but no luck. Probably because Herbie, the pup, was sitting right there, and you can see in the video how well they get along. But, as for the toys, they are really great. Excellent quality, a good selection of different items. If you have cats that play with toys, they will love this. There are rolling toys and a fabric bag of catnip. My 3 cats love catnip, but they had no interest in this one, so I think it must be old catnip.
The two best toys, Herbie stole right away. One is 3 rubber balls on a stretchy rope. That’s the one in the video. It has a small loop on one end. I have a magentic hook, and a metal door, so I was able to hook it right to the door. Herbie loves grabbing the end and pulling it, letting it spring back, repeat. His other favorite one is a toy that reminds me of a Weeble, from way back in the day. It’s an egg shaped toy with a weighted base, so it won’t topple over, but will rock back and forth. It has feathers stuck in the top. He now carries this everywhere. The feathers haven’t held up to him very well, he’s pulled two out. But, if this were used by a cat, it would be fine. So, not a bad set. Great quality for felines. Good toys for both dogs and cats.

I give this 8 out of 10 sugar cookies, the price is great for the number of toys you get.

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