AOMUU Makeup Removal and Cleansing Set

I wasn’t sure how well this would work, it’s an interesting premise, especially for those who prefer to not use chemicals on their skin, and for those with sensitive skin. It worked very very well, I included pictures.
So, first an explanation – I do have on permanent makeup. Just eyeline, so while it looks like it didn’t remove that, it did remove the extra liner I applied and all eyeshadow. I apply my make up pretty liberally. I have old skin that takes a lot of coverage. I use 3 shades of eye shadow, concealer, primer, foundation, bronzer. I used the short nap side on my eyes, that is the side for more delicate areas. I wet the cloth down with warm water, and wiped it across my eyelid. You can see the before and after pics, the make up was gone.
Then I used the other side on the rest of my face. The longer nap side is for deeper cleaning and exfolliating. It was extremely soft, very hard to believe it was providing dead skin removal! I again wet down the cloth and used it all over my face. You can see the pictures of the cloth, covered with makeup. It did an excellent job.
But, just to be sure, I then used the included sponge. This is really cool. There are 3 strengths to this. The nobs are all the same length, but their density and thickness are different. All of the areas were soft on my skin, but I could really feel the circulation get moving. I’ve only been using the set a week, but so far it’s working excellent!

I give this 10 out of 10 sugar cookies, an excellent set!

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