Sunrise Simulation Wake Up Light

I *hate*, and hate is an understatement, waking up to an alarm clock. I’m a very light sleeper, so I don’t sleep good anyway. When an alarm goes off, it always scares me straight up into the air. I set my phone on the softest, calmest sound and still hate it. So this was built for me, and I love it.
I set the alarm for 4 am. The light activates 30 minutes ahead of that. At that time, a soft light begins to come on, it’s a ring around the digital read out. I can set it to very dim, a soft but brighter white, or any number of colors. So that begins my soft rise from sleep. Then at 4 the alarm goes off. And there are many different options, including birds softly chirping and increasing in volume, ocean waves hitting the shore, wonderful sounds like that. There are also more intense ones, if you need a serious noise, but this is perfect for me. You can also set it to radio. You can even set the brightness of the digital numbers on the clock. It can be a little confusing to set up, but I show in my video how to do that, and once you have it down, it’s simple and quick. So, as it softly simulates the sun coming up, it can do the reverse at night. This can work as a bedside lamp and at a time you set, it will start to slowly dim, lulling you off to sleep.   It can run on a USB plug, or it includes the power adapter. This is awesome.

This is 10 out of 10 sugar cookies, with a nice cup of tea!

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