OUGES White Long Dress

My apologies, but I cannot find the link on Amazon for this. If anyone is interested in this, you can copy one of the pictures and do an image search, or you can contact OUGES directly with a picture and they can assist you.

This is the only outfit by OUGES that has run small on me. I typically wear a medium and they fit perfect. This one fits pretty snug. It’s a very sweet dress, perfect for a summer wedding, or a dress up affair somewhat on the casual side. There is a zip up the side, which makes getting into it easy, but even with it unzipped, I had a difficult time getting into it, and could not even reach to grab the zipper after I did. It took me several minutes to get it off, and I was terrified for a bit that I was going to have to call my daughter to come help me. It’s a little bit sheer, but not bad, especially if you wore nude underthings. The fabric is lightweight, but on the thicker side. The skirt is gathered very nicely, and there is a lot of fabric there, the skirt flares out at the bottom quite a bit. One of those dresses I would have loved as a kid because the skirt would really flare when I would spin. This just isn’t for me.

I’m giving it 6 out of 10 sugar cookies because the quality is nice, but the size is way off for a typical OUGES dress.

I can’t give you a purchase link, but will add one if I find it.

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