HOSALA-spinner, spinner fidget toy

These seem to be the current craze, and I’ve jumped right on board.  I have busy hands, and they don’t set still very well. If I don’t have something to do with them, I tend to pull on my hair and I hate doing that. This keeps my hands busy and it’s relaxing for me. I love the white noise it emits, I love the feel of the rotation, and a small burst of air comes off, also.

I recommend you not purchase the expensive ones first. They can get really high dollar, and I put mine up against the guys at work, and mine performed just as good if not better. It rotates smooth, there is no wobble, it spun longer than theirs. You can hold it in your hand and spin it, balance it on your finger, spin it on a surface. Check out the video. The white noise is my favorite, just a low, comforting hum, like a fan at night. I love this toy!

This is 10 out of 10 sugar cookies for me.

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