Cloud 9 Pet Supplies – Tangle Free 16 foot Retractable Leash

A great set, watch the video. This is the first leash I’ve found that has a ribbon leash. And it is so strong! It’s a thick, heavy duty ribbon. My pup is only 5 pounds right now, so he doesn’t need what this offers, but today I took him in the car and used a smaller one with the typical rope type leash. It got wrapped around everything and was just difficult at times to get out of the mess. So, I switched to this one and it was so much easier to use. The metal collar attachment on it is also excellent quality and opens and closes smoothly. That’s really nice to have when I’ve got a very energetic pup bouncing around and I’ve got a nano-second to attach or release it. The catch and release works nice, it easily locks into place, or with just a push halts the run. Then you can push and release to take it back to normal use.
The little poo bag holder is a cute addition and makes it really handy when you’re going on walks. It attaches to a belt or collar or on the leash. Makes it nice and easy to be a responsible pet owner.

10 out of 10 sugar cookies.

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