CLAVUZ Starry Gel Nail Polish

Love this color! Normally I don’t like the polish that has glitter in it, it seems to settle in pools. But this is really a thick nail polish and it’s full of glitter that is spread evenly throughout. It was a little difficult to apply. It went on smooth, there were no clumps, but I’m terrible at doing my own nails, so I ended up with thick blobs all over. Trying to wipe it up succeeded in spreading it around and getting glitter everywhere. Once I accepted that it was just going to go on thick, and was able to adapt to the application, it was smooth and consistent, just thick. I thought it might slow down the curing process, but I went for the typical 120 seconds, and it worked. It was a bit tacky, but that is typical, and that cleared up within less than an hour. I was able to apply a couple of colored lines to it and then a top coat, cure that, and it was fine. The benefit, you definitely only need one coat! I do love the color, too. They have a great selection of colors available.

7 out of 10 sugar cookies

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