OUGES Women Sleeveless A-line Pleated Pocket Chiffon Dress

This first thing you will notice, if you click on the link to the product page, is the difference in the length of this on the model, and the length of it on me. I stand just under 5′. I would love to pull this off like she does, but at 54, I think I’m done growing. Except out. Why doesn’t that stop at the same time, right?

This is an adorable dress and it’s very comfortable to wear. It’s lightweight and perfect for summer parties, cookouts, girls night out, just about anything where you want to look casually dressed up. I’m not sure it’s for my body shape, I’m pretty curvy and thick and I usually can’t pull off shirts or dresses that have the wide, elastic, gathered waistlines. This one does look better than others, but I’m not sure I’d be comfortable, being too self conscious. If you can pull this look off, I highly recommend you consider this one. There are 7 color options, including solids and prints. I particularly like the white one, but I definitely couldn’t pull that off, not to mention if there is ketchup within a mile of me, it will find it’s way to any white outfit I wear.

I give this 9 out of 10 sugar cookies.

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