Kids Tent, 3 in 1 Play Tent House

This is huge! I live in a small townhouse and I’ve packed every spare inch with something, so I don’t have the room to hook all 3 pieces together, and it’s been raining for a solid week, so I didn’t want to take it outside. My pup had a blast running through the tunnel, I know my grandkids will, too! I have a grandson that just turned 1 in February, and a new baby will be born in December, they will have a blast with this. The fabric is the waterproof, parachute type material, really sturdy. The tunnel is formed with spiral wire and is pretty tough. What’s especially nice about this set is how it folds down into a flat, compact, zippered holder, so it’s very easy to store if you don’t want it up all of the time. When you take it out, everything is tied into small bundles. Open it up and it expands easily on it’s own, right into the exact shape. The most effort you have to put into it is tying all of the pieces together. I included pictures of that. You can use one, two or all 3 pieces. Two of the pieces are easy to fold back down flat. The other one, the largest piece with the basketball hoop, takes a specific flip of the wrist, just like a car sunshade, and then it’s into a flat circle ready to be put away. A nice catch all for toys, you can make it a ball pit, or just let them use their imagination.

I give this 10 out of 10 sugar cookies, it’s awesome.

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