Zeagoo Women’s Turtleneck Cross Front Pullover Sweatshirt

I love this shirt, I love how it fits and how it looks on me. But, the one I received should never have made it past quality control. So, I’m very disappointed. It does run smaller than the sizes listed, but I ordered a size up as I’ve become accustomed to, and it fits just as I like. I ordered an XL, and it says it should fit a bust of 40. My measurements are 36D, according to the site I could have possibly ordered a medium, but I feel that would have been pretty snug on me. You can see in my pics, that the loose fit is more comparable to the fit of the model, which is what I wanted. So, if you want that same look, I would order up.
Now, the good – the fabric is a heavy weight, very stretchy, soft and comfortable sweatshirt type material. The collar is big and loose, not enough to be a cowl neck, but a loose turtleneck. The sleeves have long cuffs with a thumbhole, which I’ve always thought was cute, and even if you don’t wear it that way, it’s a big help when putting on a bulky winter coat. The asymetrical cut at the hem is figure flattering, and gives a nice look to a solid color, plain front. This could easily become one of my favorite winter sweaters.
But, the bad – the stitching at the back of the collar was terrible. The collar was sewn on fine, but when they put the label in, they caught many areas of the collar and the shoulder/back area, and turned it into a bunched up mess. See my pics. I have long hair, it might have covered it. The collar is bulky, it might not have been visible. But, it shouldn’t have even been available to be shipped out, bottom line. I took my tiny fingernail scissors to it, and snipped one stitch at a time, removing the label and freeing up the collar. But, it was so bunched up that it had actually made tiny holes in both the collar and back, I also included pictures of that. If I ask for a return exchange on this, since I received it at a discount, Amazon will only do a return and I really want to keep the sweater. So, I’m going to see how well it holds up, if the holes get worse, or how visible they become when I wear it. This hopefully isn’t true for most of the production, very disappointed it happened to mine.

I purchased this in gray, it also comes in black and pink

Because I love the style, I would give it 9 out of 10 sugar cookies. But, the shirt I received is 5 out of 10 due to the quality.

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