Qearal Women’s Casual V-Neck Chiffon Tank Top

A very pretty shirt, and very well made. The overlay is a sheer chiffon that has been finished expertly. Nearly invisible straight stitching. The straps are done so well that they lay flat and don’t even get wrinkled when washed. The lining is a satin type fabric and provides complete coverage, very comfortable to wear and looks very nice. However, my history with overseas purchases is they run small. I wanted a loose fit anyway, so I would have normally ordered a large, even though the site measurements show I could have ordered a medium. Anyway, I went with an XL to be safe, and it is huge. I have to send it back. A pity, it’s a lovely shirt. My recommendation would be, their sizes are accurate, order according to the measurements they list. It comes in navy blue and white.

9 out of 10 sugar cookies

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