Lush Moda Soft Capri Leggings

So these come in one size fits most. I am very curvy and I was in dance for the first 3 decades of my life, so I’ve always had large legs. These fit me quite comfortably, but I would not wear them without a long shirt, or to exercise in. The fabric is lightweight, so curves and bumps are going to be very visible. But, they are so comfortable and perfect for walking, jogging, yoga, house cleaning. A great selection of colors and each color comes with a wide band waistline, or thin. My waist is 29, hips are 36 and these are not snug at all, plenty of room for stretch. I also am very short, barely 5′, so full length you can see they will hit me easily mid-calf. I wear them rolled up and they are thin enough that the cuff doesn’t bunch up. I think they’re great, and the price is excellent, so many colors are in my future.

10 out of 10 sugar cookies

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