GUAngqi New Adjustable Dog Cat Puppy Bandana

I thought this little mini bandana would look so cute on my new, 12 week old, pup. It’s attached to a collar, so I don’t have to worry about it coming untied. So, for the most part everything about it was perfect. A great collar, straight, sturdy stitching. A nice belt attachment with a great selection of sizing, so it will grow with him. The collar is flexible and easy to get on. The collar is stiff fabric so the bandana part will lay flat. But, as you can see in my pics, the print on the collar is so off center that this shouldn’t have even made it to the shipping department. This one is being returned.

Note – this is only $3.99, which is the cost of a collar anyway, but other reviews I saw mention that it doesn’t hold up over time. It does come in black, blue and red, but only in one tiny size.

I give this 2 out of 10 sugar cookies.

To purchase this (at your own risk) click here

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