BONFOTO Aluminum Compact B690A Tripod

This is the highest quality, easiest to use tripod I’ve ever purchased. It is amazing in how easy it is to set up. It folds up so small for convenience, and has a sturdy carry bag. Easy to get in and out.
So like any tripod, the 3 legs are extendable in 3 locations. These have a lever that snaps open and closed and holds them tight. They fold down flush against the camera attachment, so upside down when you take it out. Flip them over and they snap into place with a ratchet lever, so not only can you adjust the height with the flip locks, but then if you want to adjust the angle without messing with the leg height, you can easily change it with that lever. Easier to see it in my pictures. The main post in the center is also height adjustable with turn balls, and it gets exceptionally high, a very nice feature. Then we’re on to the camara plate. This is on a ball lever, so can be adjusted 360 degrees at any angle and tightened into place and it includes a level. This can also work to help when you’re aiming up or down, you can still use the lever to keep it straight at those angles. It has a quick release button so you don’t have to always remove the plate from the camera base.
The tubes are aluminum, so they are very lightweight but strong, and rubber feet so it’s not going to slide around. At the center is a spring loaded hook to hold your camera bag or other accessories, and help weigh the tripod down.
If you are considering a tripod, I highly recommend you take a serious look at this one. Excellent price and amazing quality.

This is 10 out of 10 sugar cookies, but really is worthy of 20 out of 10. It’s that nice.

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