Beau Gel Soak off Nail Polish, 4pcs Holographic

There are a lot of color options on this site and not a bad price. To add a tint of color, use one coat. if you want it to look more like a solid color, apply two. This is gel polish, so you’ll need a lamp to cure them. For this set, they’ll work with either UV or LED.  What I noticed is after one coat, it seemed to soak into my nails and gave an odd, flat look. It was dry to the touch. You can see that in my pictures. So I applied a second coat and it looked the same. I had cured neither of these. So, after the second coat I went ahead and cured it and it did bring out the color a bit more. I put the third coat on and this one stayed wet and had the deep shine to it. Much nicer. So even though it appears dry, it’s not going to gloss until you cure it.

I chose color set 03. I don’t think it exactly matches the colors on the model, but it’s close, and since I messed around in how I applied it, that could have something to do with it. This has stayed on really well. No chipping. I did put on a top coat and cured that, also, so that will help. Nail polish is really put to the test with me always on the keyboard, but this has held up pretty well after being on for 3 days.

Quality is nice, colors ok. I’m taking away another sugar cookie because none of the bottles are marked. They all look the same and you have no clue what color is in what bottle. It’s a mess to paint a swipe on the bottle because it’s gel polish and you have to cure it under the lamp or it stays wet. I’m not sure if that is in anyway causing damage to the lamp.

I give this 7 out of 10 sugar cookies.

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