YesFashion Womens’ Knitted Hoodie

This one had a lot of complaints on the Amazon website, but I love it. It’s not perfect, but what makes it cool is what the other buyers were complaining about. Many said that it runs really short. That’s the intention. This is a crop. Some can wear it that way, some (ME) will wear a tank underneath, which I knew when I purchased it. It’s very lightweight. My intention was the late spring nights when it’s cooling down at night. I purchased it because I love the gnarled look of it. The thing about this type of fabric is that it starts out really snug, but loosens up as you wear it, usually within an hour, but still fits close against you. Snug, but not tight. Since I have large upper arms, this was very snug when I put it on. It gave as I was putting it on, with some effort. But within a few minutes, it had loosened up, as you can see in my pics, and didn’t fit tight any longer.  I did order this in the XL, and unfortunately there are no measurements listed on the site. (?? Really YesFashion??) so purchase at your own risk. My measurements are 36D, 29. There is no way I could have gone smaller.

I think the look and style is 7 out of 10 sugar cookies, but the fact that there are no sizing guidelines, and I purchased the largest size and could in no way have gone smaller, I give it a 5 out of 10 sugar cookies overall.

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