Workout Weight Lifting Belt

My brother did a review on this, as he is an active powerlifter that competes many times a year. Here is what he had to say about this belt:

This is really a cheap belt, in my opinion. But, I’m not a fan of this style of belt. They are wide in the back, where you don’t need the support and narrow in the front where you really need it. Serious powerlifters know this, and will gravitate away from this style.  New lifters may be drawn to the price, so be careful, because this style could cause you injury if you depend on it for support with a lift you have to really work for. The velcro idea I really  like. It is quick and efficient and it does not release on a heavy load. For someone who is implementing weight lifting as part of their workout, this will work fine, but as a powerlifter, it will not work for me. My opinion is it worth 4 out of 10 sugar cookies.

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