Vitamin B12

Getting old really bites sometimes. My lack of energy has been the biggest let down. I finally have the time, and no energy. I do not like the jitters that come with caffeine overload, or the niacin rush from energy drinks. So, I found that B12 in the morning helps me get started better, and usually lasts the day. If I am lagging in the afternoon, a little boost helps. I don’t even notice any change in how I feel, just that I don’t feel tired any more. This one has 2500mcg, which is a really healthy boost. I have found that I can’t take it much past noon, though, because I will have problems getting to sleep that night. This comes in liquid form with a dropper, it has a bit of a cherry taste, not unpleasant at all. Best to take it sublingually, under the tongue, it absorbs faster.

8 out of 10 sugar cookies

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