Puppy Waterproof Shoes

My pup hates me, but these are stinkin’ adorable! They are like little rubber boots and they were actually very easy to put on him and secure. I got this set in small, for my pup that is around 5 pounds. They fit him great now. He’s only supposed to get up to 8 pounds, and I have no clue how big his feet will get, but it’s not going to take much to outgrow these. They come only in black, in size S:4.3cm long x 3.3cm wide M:5cm long x 4cm wide L:5.7cm long x 4.7cm wide. They’re one solid piece with no seams, so no chance of any water leaking in. They have long velcro strips that you wrap around their leg to hold them on.
Now when I saw this before I had a pup I thought oh my gosh. Pet clothing, pet shoes, what next? BUT – now that I have a pet, I will spend whatever to keep shoes on his feet. The first time he went out in the rain and came running in with muddy little paws I purchased these. Put them on and off at the door, no muddy floors. You can see his paws prior to the boots.
When I first got them, I videod his reaction, and I still belly laugh when I watch it. Hilarious. But, within about 15 minutes, he got used to them and was tap tap tapping all over the house. I left them on for about an hour for him to get used to them. They didn’t bother him at all. We played fetch and he ran just fine. In fact, they kept him from sliding all over my ceramic tile floors. So, I highly recommend these. Excellent price and excellent quality.

These are 10 out of 10 sugar cookies for making me laugh. But, in reality, they’re probably a 7 out of 10.

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