PRETTIGO Women’s Autumn Short Jacket

Another unique and very well made fashion piece from Prettigo. This is on the heavier side of lightweight, and it does have a lining. This would work well as Iowa transitions from fall to winter, when the temps can fluctuate from 30 to 50 from morning to afternoon. An interesting color, I purchased color 1 and it’s a copper with a sheen to it.  It also comes in black and green. Now the problem with this is it runs extremely large. I ordered this in an XL, and I really don’t think I’ll be able to wear it. I wouldn’t go by the measurements on the site, I would go by whatever size you typically purchase in US sizes and know this is meant to be worn a bit loose and baggy.  The quality is second to none. The zipper works great and I love the fabric.

I would give this 10 out of 10 sugar cookies if the size was better, but due to the discrepancy, I am giving it 9 instead.

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And I just found that my personal pictures of this were lost somewhere, so I will take more pictures in the next couple of days and add them. In the meantime, I have added the stock photos from the website. My apologies.

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