No Choke Safety Dog Harness

This is an AWESOME harness. Everything about it says comfort and quality. The fabric is so soft, the belts are attached very well, they’re easily adjustable and they are strong and secure. I have a small one I’m using on Herbie right now, and I thought it was fine, but this is like the Caddy of dog harness (es?) I purchased this in a medium for my pup. He’s now about 5 pounds and it’s just a tad large on him. I don’t know how big he will actually get, I’m told around 8 pounds. I think this has enough adjustability to it that it will fit him when full grown, but I won’t actually know until that time.
There are 3 sizes, small chest girth can be adjustable from 15.9″ to 17.5″, medium chest girth can be adjustable from 20″ to 22.4″, and large chest girth can be adjustable from 25″ to 28.3″, so it’s not meant for large breeds. The fabric is polyester mesh, and is washable. It comes in blue, which is really more of a turquoise, pink and red. At $12.99 this is a steal.

I don’t do this often, but this is an easy 10 out of 10 sugar cookies.

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